Cool Planet Labs is designing a climate change solution library, a highly engaging cross platform web-based environment for the exchange of information on climate change with a focus on tools and solutions that can be implemented by individuals and small community groups, and a space where engaged community can post, access, explore, and share information on implementation.

The multi-media Library provides an interactive Google Earth-like interface that offers a rich user experience as well as wikis for tools and solutions, forums, connections to topic experts, and a mini social game series for an enhanced user experience and engagement. The online environment engages the collective intelligence of the crowd in sourcing, exploring, and evaluating new tools and solutions. We are empowering the individual to conduct his own education, find his own inspiration and share his own environment and adventure. Our community interface supports environmental organizations, the scientific community and educational institutions in reaching, educating and motivating online audiences to foment a sea change in empowered environmental action, to make discovery of climate change solutions fun and easy.